Adam The Woo

Adam The Woo is a YouTuber who produced two YouTube channels: AdamTheWoo and TheDailyWoo. AdamTheWoo is his original channel, and he recently ended daily vlogging via TheDailyWoo. Adam The Woo produces videos on a wide variety of topics ranging from roadside attractions, abandoned buildings and sites, amusement parks, Disney Land and Disney World, real life locations where movies were filmed, historical places of interest, and unusual places or points of interest. Most recently, he was travelling around the country, primarily in his RV, which he named Large Marge, and the topics of his video followed the things he found on his travels. His videos also often feature aerial shots from his drone, which he named The Majestic.

Adam The Woo Catch Phrases and Running Gags

Adam The Woo uses various catch phrases throughout his videos including:

Best Remove 'em! (Big Thunder Mountain Railroad)

Hidden Mickey?

Are those petunias?

Hitchcock would be proud.

Shon kokonk

I've got to check this out Doc. (Back to the Future)

"Whatever you do, don't look down." (Ace Ventura II)

"They were cones!" (The Wedding Singer)

”If you’re cold, stomp your feet.” (The Untouchables)

“We’ve done our duty. Now we can go home and sleep well.” (The Untouchables)

Imaginary Travel Companions

Adam The Woo occasionally picks up imaginary riders or travel companions, which are basically action figures or souvenirs that he has picked up along his travels. These companions include an air freshener sized cardboard cutout of a bigfoot called Big the Foot, an action figure of Arnold Schwarzenegger, an action figure of ET, a Bat Boy doll, and a doll of Abraham Lincoln called Woobraham Lincoln. Adam the Woo talks to these characters sometimes using them as puppets. He also talks to various animals that he encounters in his travels and asks them questions, and he often stops to ask cows for directions.

Latest activity

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